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The Swiss Army Knife Book - Felix Immler



Full of ideas for exciting and thrilling activities, suitable for families and teens as well as adult explorers. Woodsman Felix Immler reveals how we can build a comfortable camp in the wilderness using nothing more than a pocket knife. Simple natural materials are used for making a waterproof roof, a chair, a bed, a table, ...Read More
Caravan : Cessna's Swiss Army Knife with Wings - J. D. Lewis

Cessna's Swiss Army Knife with Wings


Known for being one of the most versatile and robust aircraft ever produced, the Cessna Caravan has become the DC-3 workhorse of our current times--as Cessna nicknames it, a "Swiss Army Knife with wings"! This pilot favorite does it all, on land or sea: bush flying, geophysical exploration and mapping, patrol, air ambulance, mi...Read More
Six Pack ABS : The Ripped ABS Swiss Army Knife - George T Becker

The Ripped ABS Swiss Army Knife


"Fantastic Six Pack Advice!" If you have been looking for some easy and practical ways get ripped abdominal muscles, your search is over! Within the pages of this book, you will discover the information you need to successfully achieve a shredded six pack. So, what are you waiting for? Enjoy!...Read More
The Knife's Edge - M. R. Forbes



A mission failed. A civilization on the edge of collapse. A dangerous alliance to save it. Colonel Mitchell "Ares" Williams has never been one to accept failure. While the outcome on Liberty is a crushing setback to his and the Rigger's chances of salvaging the war, there's no time to waste on regret. After all, the mission was...Read More
On Knife's Edge : A Young Girl's Journey Through Borderline Personality Disorder - Michelle Karpus

A Young Girl's Journey Through Borderline Personality Disorder


Description When Julie becomes so mentally ill she can no longer cope in society, she is put in a psychiatric hospital with the support of her friends. Once inside the hospital, Julie faces some terrible challenges; her main issue is trusting those in authority. She had uncontrollable reactions, such as self harming and suicida...Read More
The Knife's Edge - Matthew Wolf



When legends come to life the world trembles from a single name. Ronin. Once-heroes from a different age, they wield elemental powers... wind, water, fire, stone, forest, sun, moon, flesh, and metal. At the same time, a young man discovers his best friend with a sword in her stomach, and dark wings sprouting from her back. Guar...Read More

Swiss Army aims to kit you out with a Victorinox pocket knife or tool thatíll have you prepared for all of lifes challenges. While they have an admirable sense of tradition and their pocket knives are genuinely iconic, take a look and you will see that Victorinox Swiss Army Knives have kept up with the times. Not only do we offer the Classic Swiss Army Knife and pocket knives with lock blades, but the Swiss Tool, clever Swiss Cards and the USB Swiss Flash. And if you are looking for functionality with a funky edge, try the Swiss Cyber or the Alox coloured range. We also offer a full range of official Maglite torches and zippo lighters.

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